Evaluation of quality of life in diabetic pregnant women

Published:September 20, 2021DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pcd.2021.09.009


      • The quality of life of all mothers participating in the study was above average.
      • The quality of life score was higher in women with higher education.
      • Weight and obesity were one of the most important risk factors for gestational diabetes.
      • Education for pregnant mothers in relation to nutrition and increased physical activity is necessary.



      Gestational diabetes is the most common clinical complication during pregnancy. Women with gestational diabetes face many problems in their personal, family and social lives that affect their quality of life. The aim of this study was to evaluate the quality of life of diabetic pregnant women.


      This study was a descriptive study and the study population was all diabetic pregnant women referred to health centers in Kermanshah, Iran in 2019−2020. The studied variables were collected using a short form of quality of life questionnaire (WHOQOL-BREF-26 items). Then, with the help of SPSS software version 25, data analysis was performed based on frequency table and independent t-test.


      101 pregnant women with gestational diabetes were studied. Their mean age was 33.06 ± 05.05 years. The quality of life of all mothers participating in the study was above average. The average quality of life and psychological domains, social and environmental relationships of mothers were higher in people with higher incomes and employment, and also the average quality of life and psychological domains, social and environmental relationships were higher in mothers who had less than 6 months.


      The majority of mothers were overweight (BMI = 25−29.9) and obese (BMI ≥ 30), which is one of the most important risk factors for gestational diabetes. Given the importance of quality of life of pregnant mothers, health policy makers are asked to provide more training for pregnant mothers on nutrition and increased physical activity to prevent gestational diabetes and improve their quality of life.


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